Suzanne Johndrow Feiler

Counseling Advisor

Suzanne is a licensed professional counselor, holding a Master’s degree from Texas Women’s University, as well as degrees in English and Classics, including an M.A. in Literature from Boston College. She began her counseling career at Lifeworks Counseling, then as a member of Insights Psychotherapy Group. Now in private practice, Suzanne continues to focus on the emotional needs of women as they meet and overcome challenges in all stages of life.

Suzanne’s approach to therapy is a blend of Narrative Therapy (discovering through conversations hopeful, preferred, previously unrecognized possibilities and outcomes), and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (challenging beliefs about actions in order to yield new results). She believes we are influenced by our family, community, childhood and experience, but are ultimately responsible for our choices and, further, that we possess the freedom to grow and change toward a desired way of being.

When she’s not practicing psychotherapy, Suzanne is reining-in her workaholic husband or chasing around her 11 year-old twins! She can usually be found worrying over the tomatoes in her little patch of garden on the south side of the Trinity River.

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