Li-Ya Mar

Yoga Instructor

Li-Ya Mar, Ph.D. is acertified yoga teacher trained in alignment-based Prana Vinyasa in theLineage of Shiva Rae. She has taught practitioners of all levels, includingyouth, beginners and athletes. She’s also a certified personal trainer,specialized in functional movements, mobility and conditioning.


Liya grew up in afamily with a regular meditation and compassion practice. She started her yogajourney when she was pursuing her Ph.D. in Wisconsin. Yoga literally saved herfrom the chronic upper back pain and the overwhelming stress from intensivegraduate work. Liya remembers, as a young child, meditation andbreathwork were never easy, but with yoga, breathing and calmness comenaturally with practice.  She continues to finddelight and comfort in learning, about yoga, people and ourworld.  Aside from yoga, she is a climate activist and a facultymember at the University of Texas at Arlington. She finds baking andcooking very therapeutic, and she also loves basketball and all the magic inthe natural world, especially the mountains. 


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