Carla Rudiger

Yoga Instructor

Carla's love for movement, subtlety and self discovery along with her combined experience as a professional modern dancer and studies in Body Mind Centering makes for a unique approach to yoga and movement as a somatic practice that is both deep and informative. Her personal practice and teaching is inspired by the movement that occurs between the shapes, the 3 dimensionality of the posesthemselves and becoming more and more skillful about aligning intention, attention and action while on the mat and in life. Discovering the body's natural intelligence play a big role in her teaching as well as her passion for embryology, developmental movement, embodied anatomy, Ayurveda and mindfulness.

In 2004, Carla graduated from the OM Yoga 200 hour teacher training program in NYC where she also pursued a dance career from 1991 to 2005. Once retiring from her life as a dancer Carla moved to her hometown of Dallas, TX where for the last 15 years she has taught yoga classes, workshops, teacher training programs, and one on one sessions. As of 2011 Carla is a graduate of the Embodied Developmental Movement & Yoga program from the School of Body Mind Centering. She is also a recent graduate of the BMC course, Foundations in Embodied Anatomy with Amy Matthews and Lisa Clark. She continues to study BMC and is also in a certification process in the body work modality, Zero Balancing.

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