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Welcome to Kimiya International!

Quick. Think of all the non-profits and humanitarians you know of. There are millions of people making a difference in this world every day – and most of us only know about a handful of these efforts.

Kimiya International is a 501(c)(3) dedicated to raising awareness and educating people about humanitarian efforts around the world through documentaries, photography and short stories. This online global community is dedicated to the humanitarian in all of us.

This spring, we will release our first documentary, Transitions. It’s a look at a couple from the U.S. that gave up everything they had to move to Cambodia and transition girls out of brothels. We will send a DVD of the documentary once it is released to anyone who makes a donation of $25 or more through PayPal. Just don’t forget to include your shipping address! Thank you for your support and please subscribe to our newsletter for regular updates on the new stories on our site.

We are excited about creating a global community of humanitarians who are eager, willing and ready to make this world a better place.

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